Stop blushing treatment in Manchester

What is blushing?

To understand how to stop blushing, it’s helpful to understand it. Blushing is in fact a completely normal physical reaction! Everyone blushes sometimes. Blushing occurs when the capillaries (tiny blood vessels underneath the skin) widen. This means there is increased blood flow just beneath your skin’s surface. This causes your skin to go red, and a feeling of being ‘flushed’.

If you blush then it’s most probably facial blushing you experience. But blushing can also affect the neck and chest, or any exposed areas of skin. Blushing or flushing can be caused by physical conditions such as drinking alcohol, feeling hot, or exercising. But blushing is also often caused by shyness (sometimes called social phobia or social anxiety). It can be caused by feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable or awkward, meeting new people, talking to a client or a superior at work, or being in a job interview,.

Take Control

It can even just being in a situation where you’ve experienced blushing before. Treatment for blushing involves learning to control the body’s response to certain anxieties and stresses. Blushing or flushing is just the body’s response to something happening. That thing can be physical – heat, cold or activity – or psychological. Manchester Hypnotherapy’s stop blushing treatment can teach you how to take control again!

Hypnosis to stop blushing

You don’t consciously make yourself blush. It’s the subconscious mind which causes blushing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to control it – you can. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very effective and powerful tools to stop blushing.

Blushing, social anxiety and social phobia

Blushing can be a purely physical reaction. But perhaps you blush due to embarrassment, shyness (sometimes called social anxiety or social phobia) or self consciousness. When this happens, this is part of the fight or flight response. The fight or flight response is the body’s subconscious way of dealing with threats or danger.

Changes happen in your body when you feel stressed and anxious. The body thinks it is helping you to escape or fight a threat. Unfortunately your body is not good at differentiating between real physical threats and “threats” which are actually just uncomfortable thoughts or situations. But your body still reacts in the same way! All the changes which happen are about running or fighting better.

It’s part of the fight or flight response

Because your body expects you to run, or fight (so you can escape or fight the “threat” you are facing), it diverts blood to the skin’s surface. This means that when you start to run or fight, you’d cool down more quickly, avoiding overheating. But this is only helpful if you really do need to run or to fight. Sadly in situations where you’re already experiencing feeling uncomfortable, shy or self conscious – then blushing just makes you feel even worse. Your social anxiety increases!

Shyness, self consciousness and blushing

If you suffer with stress and anxiety, particularly shyness (or social anxiety), you may be more prone to blushing. Your body thinks you’re under threat, so makes chemical changes to help you run away, or fight off your enemy. One of the changes can be that you blush.

But knowing that you are blushing makes you feel even worse. You feel even more awkward and embarrassed. Your body responds to this by blushing even more. It’s a vicious circle. The next time you are in a similar situation you fear that you will blush again. This fear itself is enough to cause your blushing, on top of the nervousness you already feel in those situations.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy to stop blushing

Hypnosis is a powerful way to stop blushing. You will be taught breathing exercises to help you feel relaxed, calm and in control. When you’re relaxed you can’t feel anxious. And if you are not anxious then you won’t blush! The fight or flight response is a subconscious response. You don’t tell yourself to do it. It just happens as a response to the way you are feeling. If you’re vulnerable, anxious, self-conscious, shy or nervous then you’re more likely to blush.

You feel nervous, anxious and shy because of your beliefs and the way you’re looking at the world. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis work with your subconscious mind to program in new, confident, positive subconscious thoughts and beliefs, to make your shyness, anxiety and blushing a thing of the past. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a fantastic way to help you build your self esteem so that you feel more confident and comfortable in situations where you are prone to blushing or becoming flushed. A good hypnotherapist will work with you to build your confidence and assertiveness so that you are less likely to feel vulnerable or anxious, so that you body will no longer feel the need to “protect” you from “threats” (in reality just social situations) by blushing.

Stop blushing treatment in Manchester

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