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Hypnotherapy can help with general weight loss such as increase healthy eating and portion control, or to stop  binge eating. It really depends on your current weight and how much you want to lose. The Hypno-Band system is designed for those clients who fall into the “Obese” range, which is clients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. The system has been successfully used with clients who have a lower BMI i.e. >25 and this is at my discretion should I think you would benefit. The Hypno band will consist of five, one hour hypnosis sessions which are spread out. Weight takes time to come off so having two appointments a week would not make sense.

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Clinical hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and there is no desire to eat more. The mind is powerful, so if you’re subconscious accepts these suggestions and your behaviour will change accordingly. Usually, along with the ‘fitting’ of the virtual gastric band, suggestions surrounding confidence and behaviour will be made to help you commit to this change in lifestyle. I will also teach self-hypnosis techniques so you can enhance the work you’ve done following the session. Educating yourself on nutrition and exercise is advised too as this will encourage weight loss and boost health. 

The Procedure

Your first meeting with me will be an initial consultation where you discuss what you hope to gain from hypnotherapy. This is an opportunity to talk about any previous weight loss attempts, your eating habits, any health issues and your general attitude towards food. This information will give me a clear idea of what will help and whether or not any other forms of treatment should be considered. The procedure itself is designed to mimic gastric band surgery, to help your subconscious believe it has really happened. To make the experience more authentic, I will incorporate the sounds and smells of an operating theatre. 

You will be aware of what is happening and will be in control at all times. Once you are in a hypnotic state, I will talk you through the operation. I will explain step by step what happens in surgery, from being put under the anaesthetic, to making the first incision, fitting the band itself and stitching up the cut. Sounds and smells of an operating theatre will enhance the experience; to persuade your subconscious that what’s being said is really happening to you. As previously mentioned, other suggestions may be incorporated during the procedure to increase self-confidence.

How will I feel after?

Once the procedure is complete I may teach you some self-hypnosis techniques to help you stay on track at home. I will request that you return for follow-up appointments to monitor the virtual band’s success and to make any adjustments. This happens when people get the physical band fitted too. For some it can be helpful to continue hypnotherapy sessions as part of a long-term weight management plan. However that is up to you if you want me to address underlying issues surrounding food and self-esteem. Gastric band hypnosis should form part of a weight management programme that addresses nutrition and exercise habits. It is the combination of changing habits in both body and mind that is often most successful for weight loss.

The overall aim of gastric band hypnosis is to curb your appetite and encourage a healthier relationship with food. When your subconscious believes you have had a gastric band fitted, it will believe your stomach is smaller. This in turn makes your brain send out messages that you are full after consuming less food. For those who overeat, recognising when you’re physically full can be difficult. Sometimes we eat purely for the taste (or comfort), ignoring whether or not we are physically hungry. Learning to recognise the physical sensations of being hungry and being full is important for weight management. Unlike gastric band surgery, the virtual gastric band does not have any physical side-effects. For some, the real surgery can cause nausea, vomiting and acid reflux. As gastric band hypnosis isn’t a physical process, it will not cause any such symptoms. The procedure should be a pleasantly relaxing experience, with most people reporting a feeling of calm when they come out of hypnosis.

Will it work for me?

A common question for those trying hypnotherapy for the first time is - will it work for me? Unfortunately it isn’t a simple case of yes or no; it is largely up to you. Hypnotherapy helps people with a range of concerns, but is particularly useful when it comes to changing habits. For this reason, it is often successful in helping people develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. However, just like any other weight loss system, it will require your total commitment. You are more likely to get what you want from gastric band hypnotherapy if you believe in the process and myself as a Therapist. Being comfortable and trusting me is essential. You can arrange to meet with me before the procedure to ensure you feel comfortable with me. If you are committed to making a lifestyle change, believe in the procedure and trust me, gastric band hypnosis should work for you. (Note: if you have any health problems relating to your weight, you should seek advice from your doctor first.)

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Disclaimer*- Results very from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not used to treat or diagnose any disease.