What is Stress?

Stress touches all social groups and all age categories; no one can truly escape it. However, some people are more deeply affected by its consequences, depending on their personal, psychosocial, professional and health background. Stress is now recognised by the medical profession. While medication can help some people it does not treat  the issue but mask it.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for calming the mind and how you approach stress and situations.  If you change your mind you can change your behaviour.

Stress causes physical changes in the body designed to help you take on threats or difficulties. You may notice that your heart pounds, your breathing quickens, your muscles tense and you start to sweat. This is sometimes known as the 'fight or flight' response. Once the threat or difficulty passes, these physical effects usually fade. But if you're constantly stressed, your body stays in a state of high alert and you may develop stress-related symptoms. 

Symptoms of stress
Stress can affect how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically, and also how you behave.

How you may feel emotionally

  • Overwhelmed
  • Irritable and 'wound up'
  • Anxious or fearful
  • Lacking in self esteem

How you may feel mentally

  • Racing thoughts
  • Constant worrying
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Difficulty making decisions

How you may feel physically

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension or pain
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling tired all the time 
  • Eating too much or too little

How you may behave

  • Drinking or smoking more
  • Snapping at people
  • Avoiding things or people you are having problems with

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Disclaimer*- Results very from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not used to treat or diagnose any disease.