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I have an 80% Success Rate in only 1 Bespoke Session

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If you want to stop smoking, hypnosis is the best way, according to extensive research – even if you’ve tried – and failed – to stop smoking before.
“Hypnosis is the most effective method to stop smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit”

Individually Tailored Treatment
Before hypnosis, you will be asked to answer specific questions about your smoking habits and why you want to stop smoking. Your answers will determine which particular hypnosis techniques will best help you to achieve your personal goals. Everyone’s smoking habit is slightly different, and knowing which particular events trigger you personally to light up really helps in working out how to make you stop smoking. We will also give you practical tips on how to retain your motivation after leaving the consultation room, including self-hypnosis. You will also be given a CD to help reinforce the hypnosis undergone in the session.

How Many Sessions?
Whilst hypnosis can effectively help you to quit smoking in one session, if you feel more comfortable with two then treatment can be done in two sessions. This can be particularly helpful for those smoking more than fifteen cigarettes a day, but most people (even heavy smokers) give up completely after just one session. However you want to do it, we are available to support you by telephone, either in between sessions and after the treatment has concluded.

Do You Really Want to Stop Smoking Now?
Motivation is hugely important when you want to stop smoking. In all cases where we are contacted by someone wishing to stop smoking, we carry out a free initial telephone conversation to ensure that you really do want to stop smoking, right now. If you only want to stop smoking because someone else is pressurizing you, or if you are trying to stop at a time of unusual stress or difficulty in your life, you’re less likely to succeed. We may ask you to keep a “smoking diary” – this will help you to obtain a clearer picture of when and why you smoke, and what effect smoking has on you. We’ll also help you work out any underlying problems which make you want a cigarette more – stress, anxiety or emotional problems. We’ll help you deal with these underlying problems so you’ll feel happier, relaxed and more self confident, which will obviously help you to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking without Weight Gain
There’s already so much information about the health problems, costs and other difficulties smoking causes. These can be used in the hypnosis session if you want. But many people worry about weight gain when they stop smoking. Which aspects of smoking, and how to stop smoking, we concentrate on in the session is up to you. It depends on what you’ve told us about your own personal reasons for smoking and wanting to give up. The treatment is individual to you and will be tailored specifically for your needs. But if you’re one of those people who worry about putting on weight as a result of having quit smoking, then your hypnotherapy sessions can also include suggestions about weight loss. This has been tried and tested many times, and has been extremely effective.

Why me?
I am a qualified Smoking Cessation Specialist, who use to be a smoker!

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