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Michael James Wood (D.HYP.DNLP.GH.MHS)
Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner
Engles House
17/35 Navigation Street 
Tel: 07809282956

In exploring counselling as an option, you’ve taken the first step in the process of taking control of your life again. Sometimes an issue in your life can feel so overbearing that you don't know where to begin.

At other times, a problem has been suppressed and ignored for so long that you almost forget what the original problem was, but you are left with symptoms of the problem; for example anxiety or depression.

Counselling can be compared to untangling a delicate piece of jewellery that has been knotted. It needs a gentle, accurate hand that is respectful and skilled to help restore it to its full beauty.

I work with clients who are experiencing a range of different issues such as:

Abuse, Addictions, Affairs and Betrayals, Autism, Anxiety, Attachment Disorder, Bereavement, Child Related Issues, Depression, Disabilities, Emotional Abuse, Family Issues, Low Self-Confidence, Low Self-esteem, Postnatal Depression, Redundancy, Relationship Issues, Self-harm, Separation and Divorce, Sexual Abuse, Sexuality, Stress, Suicidal thoughts and Work-related Stress.

Alongside traumatic events, problems at work are one of the most common causes of stress.

Work related stress in isolation can have a negative impact upon your career prospects and performance. It can also carry over into your family and social life and it can exacerbate the impact of existing mental health conditions – or act as a cause.

While work related stress and mental health issues can exist independently of one another, stress can cause common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Some elements of stressful feelings are a natural response to characteristics of the modern work place such as targets and deadlines. Without effective management of stress, it poses a risk to your physical health through symptoms such as high blood pressure, loss of appetite and fatigue.

My Person Centred approach creates conditions whereby the triggers, which underline and cause work related stress, can be effectively explored and managed. Managed stress can empower you to reach a place where you not only cope better with workplace demands, but where your stress levels are reduced to a level where you can begin to use stress as a tool to increase your performance levels. Higher performance levels can aid self esteem and job satisfaction.

My approach for the best results for my clients  is counselling and hypnotherapy combined.

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